Travis Milburn (Coach)

Adam Myers (Coach)


Jay Dowd (Coach)

Adrian Duggan (Coch)


Chris Tuckey (Coach)

Mike Haines (Coach)


Paul Sharpe (Coach)

Glenn Weir (Coach)


Travis Milburn, pictured here with his sons Brock and Beau. Travis and his family are valued members of our Brothers family, and we love that Brock and Beau’s games are supported by a troop of grandparents, family friends and even their great grandmother there to cheer them on. Trav is as cool as a cucumber 😎 and a mad keen fisherman 🎣, a great catch for Brothers Sunshine Coast. 😉 😉 Catch…get it? 😆
What’s your background in rugby?
I’ve never actually played rugby, this is my second year coaching at Brothers.
When did you get involved with Brothers Sunshine Coast?
2017, Brock started in under 6s. We accidentally discovered rugby when the sign on for soccer had already been filled. Haha. Now we love it with a passion.
What do you love about your team?
I have coached the under 7s and I love how much they progressed. Our little team are on fire at the moment and it gives me goosebumps to be out on the field with them when they play.
What’s the best thing about our club?
I love that Brothers have a great all round atmosphere and everyone feels like family.
When you’re not coaching Rugby, what else do you get up to? I love fishing!
Which team do you support?
I’m not a sport watcher but I absolutely love watching my two boys play. Makes me so proud to be a dad!
Favourite Dessert? Ice Cream!
Thanks for being an awesome coach, Travis. We’re so glad you missed out on soccer sign on, and discovered Brothers. It’s great having you on our team!


Under 9 coach and all round nice guy, Adam Myers. When not coaching his son in U9’s, he can always be seen and heard on the sidelines of the U11’s games. Never short of an encouraging word and a cheeky comment or two.
Pictured with sons Ollie and Max (we’ll recruit Paige next year 😉).
What’s your background in rugby? Started dating a girl from a private high school (2005) and wasn’t allowed in her house until until I could hold a conversation about rugby at the dinner table (true story)
When did you get involved with Brothers Sunshine Coast? 2019
What do you love about your team? They want to learn. And the spread of different schools they go to it’s great to see how they all get along.
What’s the best thing about our club?
Always pushing that the most important thing is how you play the game not whether you win or lose.
When you’re not coaching Rugby, what else do you get up to? Unfortunately work takes up a lot of my spare time.
Which team do you support?
Started with the Western force then became a Waratah member for a few seasons but now a Reds supporter.
Favorite Dessert?
Milton Mangos.


Jay is Mr Cool, with one of the most energetic teams in the club, yet nothing phases him. He plays to the boys’ strengths and this is testament to the team’s success, with an almost unbeaten season for U8’s. Well done Jay and team!

What’s your rugby background?
Halfback for Oakhill College and also Eastwood (The Woodies!) in Sydney, way back when I was fit and could do the 100 metres in less than 2 minutes.
When did you get involved with Brothers Sunshine Coast?
We were looking for a club to take in the boys mid-season after moving up from Brisbane. Lucas and Paul were so welcoming that it was Brothers for us.
What do you love about your team?
Everything! The enthusiasm of the group and the fact they think it’s funny when I get cranky with them. When a plan comes together on the field it’s brilliant! It’s a pleasure to see the kids growing up over the years as well as it is in welcoming new faces.
What’s the best thing about our club?
The family feel to it. The community of backgrounds and cultures. The support.
When you’re not coaching Rugby, what else do you get up to?
Nothing beats hanging out with my boys.
Which team do you support?
None really, I’m more of a supporter of the sport itself. If we went down to Ballymore or Suncorp, we’d be going for the Reds. But there’s still a residual hangover for the Waratahs as that’s where I grew up. Saying that, I followed the Brumbies for years because I liked their style and liked their halfback. (George Gregan).
Favorite Dessert?
I don’t have a sweet tooth so skip dessert. But I do like a Galliano or Amaretto.
Thanks for your time and effort put in to coaching Jay! We really appreciate it!


Adrian Duggan


Brothers Sunshine Coast Vice President and Under 11 Super Coach, Chris Tuckey, pictured here with his sons Tom and Will.
What’s your rugby background?
Logan Bears Junior Rugby 🐻
John Paul College Rugby 🏉
Sunnybank Dragons 🐉
I’m pretty sure I played a few games for the Queensland Reds & the Wallabies (I’m sure I did… I think… maybe 😂)
When did you join Brothers?
Involved with Brothers Sunshine Coast since 2014.
Under 9 coach 2020
Under 8 coach 2019
Under 7 coach 2018
Under 6 coach 2017
Vice-President 2019, 2020
What do you love about your team?
The excitement on the kids faces at training and on game day. And the joy it brings the parents when their kids are having fun.
What’s the best thing about our club?
The opportunity it gives the kids and their families to be a part of a great game in a safe & friendly environment. A game that teaches them life skills and teamwork. A game I grew up on, and still love.
What are your other interests, outside of rugby?
Surfing, camping and my family.
What team do you support?
Queensland Reds 🏉👍
What’s your favourite dessert?
Tiramisu & a cappuccino!
Thank you for all you do for our club, Chris. Your hard work and dedication doesn’t go unnoticed and we are so grateful to have you leading our club!


Mike Haines, our very own fearless leader, Under 11 Coach and Club President, Mike Haines. Together with VP Chris Tuckey, Mike has led a very successful year at Brothers Sunshine Coast, and he’s looking forward to an even bigger and better year in 2022! Mike loves rugby and Brothers Sunshine Coast with a passion, and if we were to do a blood test, we’re pretty sure he would bleed blue and white as well 🔵⚪️🔵

💙 What’s your rugby background?
Played through high school and at uni when I studied at the University of Queensland.
💙 When did you become involved with Brothers?
Managed my sons U6 Brothers team in Brisbane and we started at Brothers SC when we moved to the coast in 2017.
💙 What do you love about your team?
What don’t I love! We have a great little (big) team where the boys are really starting to become little gentlemen, work together and even though they are from different schools are forming strong rugby friendships. The parent group is okay as well;)
💙 What is the best thing about Brothers Rugby Club?
Tough one, the club as a whole is pretty amazing. I love the feel around the club from U6 through to the senior teams, no matter where you are you are always greeted with a smile and a friendly face, the banter and support we all have for each other is what makes our club special. It makes me very proud to be a small part of what Brothers is and stands for, thank you.
💙 Which professional rugby team do you support?
The Stormers and the mighty Springboks AKA current World Champions!
💙 What’s your favorite dessert?
Could not say as I have not tried them all yet…come at me!!
Thanks Mike, keep up the good work!


Under 12 Coach and 2018/ 2019 Brothers Sunshine Coast President Paul Sharpe!
Name: Paul Sharpe (Sharpy)
Child’s Name: Daughter Mackenzie, Son Koby
What’s your background in rugby?
Played at School
When did you get involved with Brothers Sunshine Coast? 2015 both Mackenzie and Koby joined Brothers.
What do you love about your team?
The passion and commitment of both players and parents.
What’s the best thing about our club?
The Bacon and Egg Rolls ! And of course everyone involved in the club – Legends !
When you’re not coaching Rugby, what else do you get up to?Hanging with my family at the beach.
Which professional rugby team do you support?
Auckland Blues and All Blacks.
Favorite Dessert?
Thanks for all you have done and continue to do for the club Sharpy!


Glenn Weir





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