A poor fitting mouthguard when child is running.


Custom mouthguards while not required are highly recommended.
We work with Brisbane Mouthguards to provide the ultimate rugby guard; age, size and dental are all taken into consideration.

Starting from as little as $130 Brisbane Mouthguards come to the club when we have a minimum of 6 players ready for a guard. Healthfunds are also accepted. If there aren’t 6 players ready, please call kate on 0466 328 061 to book in.

    Literally Thousands of Combinations and Designs!

    See the range at

    On Open Day, get your impressions taken onsite.

    We will take your email address and send you a link to pay via credit card or you may pay with cash on the day.

    Please bring the exact amount as we may have limited change!

    Payment needs to be made in full in order for us to deliver your guard and for you to claim any Health Fund Benefit.